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Studies have shown that up to 77% of students are bullied in some form whether it be verbal, physical or cyber.

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Victims of bullying are often left feeling depressed, alone, and sometimes even suicidal. This is an organization set out to help in the fight to end bullying.

We want to take a different approach to help stop this sad epidemic. We want to give victims a better understanding and comfortable outlet to come to that will help them. We will give them the ability to report any and all bully situations that they are aware of confidentially and anonymously if they so wish. We then, will reach out to the schools on our own and try to help the situation.

We will be the voice for victims when they are unable to end the bullying themselves.

Cooperation from Schools

In order to fulfill these goals we will need the cooperation of school administrations, students and parents. (Currently available only in Indiana).

Make a Donation

Donate to our cause so that we can spread the word and do more good work. It only takes one person to help turn a victim's life around. Please join us in our fight against bullying.

Report a Problem

Are you the victim of a bully or know someone who is being bullied? You are not alone! Contact us and let your voice be heard. With our help, you may be able to resolve the situation.